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I am excited about the possibilities to create custom art for you, your business or organization. Any custom art you choose is created with you in mind, can represent your brand or stands by your mission and impacts how prospective/current clients view you. It is my desire to be a part of that journey in helping you to create your vision into reality. Feel free to check the prices and fill out the submission form after agreeing to the Customs Terms & Conditions. I'm looking forward to the opportunity to expand and grow!

Custom Painted Shirts

All portraits are in black and white using graphite on heavy Bristol weight paper. If you would like color that will cost extra and take longer to create.


Subjects        1        2       Add

8" X 6"       $100                   

10" X 8"      $130    $160    

11" X 14"     $150     $180

16" X 12"    $150     $180     $30

20" X 16"    $170     $200    $30

24" X 20"    $200    $230    $30

30" X 24"    $240    $280    $40

(PLEASE NOTE: Requested revisions for the above items is an additional cost discussed and written in the agreement signed by both parties)


Painted Vans


Kids Shoes $120
Adult Shoes $180 (design price only)

Blank shoes are ordered separately and can be in solid color Vans, Nike, Converse, etc. (white or black recommended)

Shoe Materials used: Leather preparer if the shoe material is leather, otherwise fabric or Angelus acrylic paint, fabric or acrylic sealant.

ATTENTION: Please keep in mind that all designs are hand painted. The paint is permanently placed on the item therefore your order is NON-REFUNDABLE.

Custom clothing and shoes can be machine washed/dried, but it is NOT RECOMMENDED. All clothing and shoes are sealed with a protector to ensure your custom art is durable and will last long.

Custom Portraits


New blank item included

Kids Shirt $60
Adult Shirt $120
Tote Bag $70 (front) $140 (front & back)

Hat $60
Backpack $120
Wallet $50

CUSTOMIZE (client supplies blank item or can be ordered for an additional cost)

Denim Jacket $200 (back only) $300 (back & sleeves only) $400 (front & back only) $500 (front & back with sleeves)

Clothing Materials used: Fabric paint and sealant if the material is fabric. Leather preparer if the jacket or wallet material is leather, Angelus acrylic paint, acrylic sealant.

Please fill out the form using the link below to request a custom from me. Once the order is placed, I will follow up with an email consultation to map out what is to be expected. Here we will discuss the design and how long the turnaround time will be. Feel free to reach out with any concerns via email, regarding questions, or would simply like to chat about your ideas.

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