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Jamela Tamaya Breland
Jamela Tamaya Breland Classroom
One Creator

When I'm not helping to create brilliant minds in the classroom, I'm creating art for the soul. Art has become a part of my spiritual guide to appreciate more of my purpose as it brings me peace. It has unleashed my mind to creative heights and has given me the power to overcome a lot. I invest more into my inner self, becoming deeper in my roots rather than the outer shell, where the value is me and what I can give to the artistic world. I enjoy helping to build minds and create free thinkers. My art will have you looking and thinking deeper within to get a better understanding of what you or others may be faced with. The journey is never over so continue navigating through my website.


I am dynamically embedded in preserving my character that I keep what is good for my heart and mind. What appear to be my flaws has left me in silence, though my talents dominate my shyness and who I am becomes uncovered. My talents give me recognition, allowing me to be aware of my confidence and slowly my self-esteem starts to build.

In my spare time, I am a freelance artist who provides graphic design services, drawings, paintings, creative clay sculptures, handmade jewelry, and phone case designs. Always, I am hard at work, showing the best of my creative abilities and sense of style that is very unpredictable.

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